What’s in my Minimalist Scrapbooking Kit

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I decided to start scrapbooking at the beginning of this year as a way to capture and store some of my memories. The world of scrapbooking can be quite daunting as there’s a vast range of tools and accessories which can be purchase. There are various techniques and approaches to scrapbooking, I opted for a classic photo based method as I like to keep things simple and I’m not particularly interested in the arty side of scrapbooking! If you’re thinking about starting a scrapbook, stick around as we take a peek into my scrapbooking kit.

As with many things, I’ve found the Americans do scrapbooking far better than us Brits. To create my kit I purchased the majority of  my items from Amazon (many from USA stores) and a few items online from Hobbycraft (a UK based art and craft store).  I’ve grouped the tools I use into three categories:

1. The Essentials – items which I think are must-haves in order to start scrapbooking.
2. The Optionals – items which I enjoy using but could go without.
3. The Added Extras – items which I really don’t need but I like to have.

The Essentials
Scrapbooking kit utublog (We R Memory Keepers Teresa Collins Snapshot D-Ring 12"x12" Album & Accessories)
A folder I picked up this We R Memory Keepers (Teresa Collins) Snapshot D-Ring album in 12″x12″ from Amazon. I like that it’s quite large which means I have more space to work with, plus I personally think larger albums look nicer. The folder is the most expensive item to buy, but I think it’s worth investing in a folder which is good quality and can be used for years to come (similar folder here).
Page Protectors – Unlike normal plastic wallets, these page protectors are acid free and archive safe. This means your photos will be protected over time and so shouldn’t change colour. I have two types of page protectors, the Project Life page protectors in Design A and some standard page protectors which aren’t divided into sections. Personally I prefer the Project Life Design A page projectors as I don’t need to spend too much time thinking about the composition and layout of each page.
Photos – Since I usually dedicate one page of my scrapbook to each calendar month, I like to print my photos at home on glossy photo paper. If you will be needing a lot of pictures, it may be best to get the photos printed externally. There are some great sites where you can get 100 or 200 “free” prints and you just need to pay for postage.
Scissors – I use scissors to cut photos out etc. I use standard straight scissors but there are many fancy scissors to choose from also.
Cardstock – Good quality card is key if you’re using the standard design page protectors as you will need something to mount your photos to. Again, I’m using card which is acid free and archive safe.

The Optionals
Scrapbooking kit utublog (Teresa Collins We R Memory Keepers Hello Life Albums Made Easy Journalling Cards)
Journaling cards – I have a love hate relationship with journaling cards. On the one hand, I like the pretty designs and I think they make great backgrounds especially for smaller photos. But on the other hand, the whole writing mini stories next to my pictures is really not my style! I have one pack of journaling card which contain 4×6-inch cards (pictured above) and 3×4-inch cards.
Glue/adhesive –  Glue and adhesive options are endless! I’ve been using the E-Z Dots Repositionable adhesive dispenser which I’ve found to be a quick and easy way to get things glued down. I love the fact that I can also reposition items if I change my mind about something.

The Added Extras
Corner rounder – This really is a luxury product but I really like the finished result. I use the Xcut Cornered Punch to create rounded corners on my photos.  
Washi tape – This is something which everyone seems to use but I’ve hardly touched. I think because I have a great quality glue, I very rarely reach for this.

I hope this post has given you a few ideas if you’re looking to start scrapbooking. I’d also recommend taking a look at this website as she shares some amazing tips. Happy scrapbooking!

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