What’s in my Makeup Bag? | Guest Post

During the month of July, Coral and I have been taking part in the #‎30daywriter challenge created by Nisha. We decided to collaborate and share with you the content of our makeup bags (you can peek into my makeup bag on her blog).  I hope you enjoy this guest post.

What's in my make up bag? I got my makeup bag from Mango (a clothing design and manufacturing company, founded in Barcelona). It’s pretty big (I think). It has two pockets, one big one small. Let’s take a look in the big one first.

What's in my make up bag? 2hat's in my makeup bag 3 The first thing we see is my Rimmel London mascara, you can tell I use it a lot because it’s nearly worn away the name. I use this when I want thick and voluminous eye lashes. This next mascara is the By the Face make up extreme volume mascara, I use this one for when I want more natural looking lashes but still want the volume. Do you know how long it took me to find a non shimmer black eye shadow? Forever! Black is one of my favourite eye shadow colours to use and I absolutely love this one I usually use it instead of an eye liner pen when I’m in a rush and don’t have the patience to get ”the eyeliner wing”.

whats-in-my-make-up-bag-4This perfume by ZARA smells amazing, it’s fresh and flowery and perfect for summer time!

what's in my makeup bag 4
This is the baby lips in ”peach kiss” by Maybelline New York, it keeps your lips hydrated in the summer heat and stops them from drying out. There was a point in my life where I was obsessed with dark lipsticks but the Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick in “midnight plum” was the only one I ended up actually buying. This lipstick wears off after a while and leaves a dark mark around your mouth so I have to make sure I’m carrying make up wipes just in case. So beware. It does look really nice for a while but It doesn’t really stay on for long and leaves It’s mark behind. Finally, this lovely nude lipstick I found in Primark which I wear all the time. I sometimes combine it with my baby lips because it does leave your lips feeling a tiny bit dry and it really annoys me sometimes.

what's in my makeup bag 5This is my foundation by LOLA in the shade B030, I actually picked it up in a rush without looking at the shade so I keep this for when I’m doing my make up in the winter time because it’s too light for summer time. It’s not as thick as most foundations, it’s more liquidy and dewey. I have another foundation in my makeup bag the Maybelline Superstay foundation. This one is perfect for Spring, I sometimes combine the two foundations and it suits me nicely. This foundation is thicker than the LOLA one and it lasts longer, I wouldn’t say 24h but it lasts a lot longer than LOLA.

What’s in my Makeup Bag 6This is my 2 in 1 foundation and blush brush by H&M, nothing fancy just the basic to smear beauty onto my face.

Now that we’ve named everything that goes in the front pocket It’s time to see what I keep in the smaller one.What’s in my Makeup Bag 7 Eyeliner pens…these are amazing! I can finally do a cat eye or a winged liner without the mess. They dry in no time so there’s no accidents if you sneeze while doing your make up or if you think you don’t have time, YOU DO!

What’s in my Makeup Bag 8And lastly my eye shadow brushes from H&M. They’re so nice and easy to use and get the job done, and that’s exactly what I need in eye shadow brushes.

I hope you enjoyed reading this guest post, now I’d like to see what’s in your makeup bag. So why not take a picture on Instagram and tag me in it (my user name is @utublog).

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