Top 5 Must Try Pink Lipsticks (Perfect for Dark Skin)

5-Pink-Lipsticks-(Perfect-for-Dark-Skin)I recently rediscovered my love for pink lipstick, so of course I thought it would only be fair to share my top 5 favourite pink lipsticks with you. From drugstore to high-end lipsticks, there really is a wide range to choose from. I’ve also picked a mixture of lipstick finishes including moisturising and matte finishes. You can expect to see a combination of everyday, wearable pinks to more bold and loud pink lipsticks. For the purpose of the video I tried to show the colour on its own, but for the last two shades I lined my lips with a nude lip liner to help the colours blend better.

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  1. Just subscribed! Even though I have a light complexion, I always really enjoy these types of posts/videos. And I love sharing with my readers blogs and vlogs where they can find perspectives that may suite they’re needs better. :-) xo

    • Thank you. And to be honest most lipsticks work with various skin colours, you just need to find a way to make it work for you. :)

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