The April Catch-Up

The-April-Catchup-Twitter-@utublogApril is officially over but I thought I would take this time to reflect over this past month. As we head into May, Spring is officially under way and we’re are edging that bit closer to the point which marks halfway through the year. So what might you have missed here at during the month of April? Below is my April catch-up, 4 of my favourite posts and videos from the month of April.

5 Things That Made Me Happy This WeekThings-That-Made-Me-Happy-This-Week-1-Twitter-@utublogI started a new feature called “5 things that made me happy this week”, why not take a look?

5 Tips for Blogging on the GoApps-Twitter-@utublog-2I’ve been a little inconsistent this month, but through the busyness of life I have learnt some key things about blogging whilst on the go.

2 Year Blog Anniversary2_Year_Blog_Anniversary_Twitter_@utublogA very exciting month as this month marked two years since Uncover the Untold was first created. In this post I reflect on some of the things blogging has taught me and how it’s impacted my life.

Disappointing Products No.1Disappointing-Products-No1-Twitter-@utublogSometimes we buy products expecting more, unfortunately some products just don’t live up to our expectations for various reasons. In this video I share some disappointing products I’ve bought hoping they would be so much better.

What was your favourite post or video from the month of April?

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