NYX Butter Lipstick Review (Juju)

Nyx-Cosmetics-Butter-Lipstick-JUJU-(BLS15)Nyx-Cosmetics-Butter-Lipstick-JUJU-(BLS15)Nyx-Cosmetics-Butter-Lipstick-JUJU-(BLS15)-Dark-Skin When I came across this NYX Butter lipstick at BeautyCon London a few weekends ago I was intrigued to try it out. I was expecting it to be a sheer lipstick, but to my surprise it’s actually very pigmented. I found this lipstick to be fairly easy to apply. The formula is lightweight and non-sticky. The lipstick has really good colour pay off and as the name suggests it feels buttery and smooth on the lips. I’m wearing the shade Juju (BLS15) which is a fairly simple red lipstick with a hint of orange. For a bolder colour I would recommend building up the lipstick. I found this colour to be long wearing, in facts even after eating breakfast the lipstick was still going strong! As the day goes on the lipstick begins to fade, leaving a nice hint of colour on the lips which can be easily evened out by applying a lip balm or lip gloss. Unfortunately this isn’t the most beautifully scented lipstick, but if you can get past the scent this could be a nice everyday wearable red lipstick.

Have you tried any of the shades from the NYX Butter Lipstick range?

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