The November Catch-Up: 1 Year Older

November-Catch-Up-1-Year-Older-Twitter-@utublogI seriously can’t believe how quickly this year has gone, it seems like the month of November just flew by. I thought I would round up a few of my favourite posts and videos from last month in this November catch up post, just in case you may have missed something!

5 Ways To Fall Back in Love with Your Passion
If your feeling demotivated or you’ve fallen out of love with your passion, this post is for you!

Do dairy products cause acne?
Do dairy products cause acne?
Since my summer at camp, my skin has been a nightmare. I’ve always wondered if dairy products could be contributing to my acne so decided to set myself a little challenge.

A Birthday Get Ready With Me
A-Birthday-Get-Ready-With-Me-YT-ThumbnailThis month I turned a year older, and I’m completely ok with it. I’m really enjoying life in my 20’s, and this last year has been pretty amazing. Why not watch my birthday get ready with me video (and there are some exclusive behind the scenes clips on my Facebook page)

“New Year, New Me” – How’s that resolution going?
New Year, New Me - How's that going
2015 is just round the corner, but how did you do with this years resolutions?

What has been your favourite moment during November? 

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