“New Year, New Me” – How’s that resolution going?

New Year, New Me - How's that goingIt may be mid November but it’s not too late to start restart working on those awesome New Years resolutions. You know the ones I’m talking about…joining the gym, reading more books, shopping less [insert your resolution here]. For me it’s getting healthier, after spending over 3 months in America over the summer, it’s fair to say I had my fair share of fun but also did my fair share of eating! And let’s be honest, there’s only so long you can pretend you haven’t gained a few pounds. So I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands and get healthier. Getting fit for summer life is pretty easy so I’ve heard. Apparently all you need to do is exercise more and eat right, so I’m putting this theory to the test.

Exercise More – I’d say I’m doing pretty well at this, I started following the Insanity program during October and I’m actually enjoying it. Exercising 6 days a week with only 1 rest day is no joke. But with the help of my amazing friend and flatmate we’ve managed to turn our kitchen into our little insanity workout room (#StudentProblems).

Eat Right – This one’s a little more tricky for me. I will happily admit that I have a sweet tooth which sometimes gets the better of me. But I’ve been incorporating more fruits and veg into my diet and slowly trying to cut down my sugar intake.

So on my quest to find healthier versions of my favourite sweet treats and other tasty healthy dishes, I thought I would add a new category to Uncover the Untold, say hello to the recipes tab. This tab will comprise of recipes I attempt to recreate and I might even throw in a few of my own recipes, (but don’t hold me to that).

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