From Student to Employee: 5 Ways to Survive the In-Between Phase

From student to Employee: 5 Ways to Survive the In-between PhaseWith graduation season well underway there are now thousands (maybe millions) of students entering the “in-between phase” otherwise known as the job market. I know that a small minority have already secured jobs and have started working or will be starting soon. But like the majority, I’ve currently been navigating through this phase for just over a month (although it feels like 3 months!) so I thought I would share a few tips I’ve picked up with you.

Begin with the end in mind – Like with many situations, I often find it’s good to set out  clear career goals. Why not take some time to consider what type of role you would like to work in? What type of sector or working environment would you prefer? Do you want to work full-time or part-time? These are just a few questions which will help you to construct clear career goals.

Broaden your horizons – Sometimes flexibility and creativity is key. You may have heard the saying “There is more than one way to skin a cat”. Well it also applies to the process of
navigating from student to employee. There are often several ways to achieve your career goals, so take some time to think outside of the box.

Be plan ahead and be prepared – Have a basic cv or application form on hand so that you can  quickly customise it to each position you apply to.

Use your time wisely – I know with all this free time on your hands, it may be tempting to start watching a new series on Netflix (in fact for a week or so I fell into the Netflix slump) but trust me when I say there are far better ways to invest this time. You could start a new hobby, apply for a part-time job in a different field or even start working on that project you’ve been thinking about.

Keep persevering – The rule of probability suggests the more jobs you apply for, the higher the chances of you finding a job. So keep going!

Are you a recent graduate? If so what’s helping you to navigate through the “in-between phase”?

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