Do dairy products cause acne?

Do dairy products cause acne?Does dairy cause acne? This is a question I’ve always wondered about. I’m a firm believer that our diet has a large part to play in the quality of our skin. And after numerous Google searches it seems consuming dairy products can be a contributing factor that can be linked to acne. Around two years ago I decided to switch from semi-skimmed cows milk to soya milk, and I have to say I’ve seen great improvement in the quality of my skin. But now I want to take things a step further by trying a dairy free diet.

This challenge is pretty simple, the aim is to go dairy free for 1 month, this will give me a chance to really test out the belief that dairy products can cause acne. So what does a dairy free diet look like? Well it means saying bye bye to cheese, yoghurt, milk and butter  (and of course any items that contain these products).  I thought it might be interesting to share my progress with you and maybe even a few skin photos and recipes along the way.

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