Dairy Free Lifestyle Tips

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about dairy and it’s possible links to acne. In that post I explained my plans to cut out dairy products from my diet as part of a 30 day dairy free challenge. Well 30 days have come and gone! After completing the challenge I thought this would be a great opportunity to  answer a few questions whilst also sharing some of the tips and trick I learnt along the way.

Is giving up dairy as hard as it sounds?
This depends on the amount of dairy currently in your diet. For me it wasn’t too hard as I’d already made the switch from Cow’s milk to Soya milk a few years ago. I also switched from regular yoghurt to soya based yoghurt earlier in the year.

Did you see an improvement in your skin?
Honestly I don’t think a month is long enough to see any real differences, however, as I mentioned above the biggest change I saw in my skincare was when I switched to soya milk. If you’re thinking about changing to a dairy free diet for skincare reasons I would suggest switching the milk you drink first.

My Top Tips
There’s a dairy free alternative to everything
From cheese to ice cream, there’s a dairy free alternative to pretty much everything, so there’s no need to say goodbye to your favourite snacks. Some of my favourites include the Montezuma’s Lordy Lord Dark Chocolate  and Food Heaven Lemon Dairy Free Cheesecake (this might actually taste better than regular cheesecake!).

Experiment in the kitchen
Switching to a dairy free diet is the perfect opportunity to experiment in the kitchen, creating dairy free alternatives to your most loved meals. From pizza to pesto you can make almost any meal dairy free. If you’re like me and have a bit of a sweet tooth dairy free baking is a must, as many of the shop bought baked treats are packed with dairy products. Two must try recipes are these Dairy-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies (pictured above) and this yummy Dairy Free Banana Bread.

Be careful of dairy hidden in products
Always check the ingredients list when shopping, you’d be surprised that some unexpected  food items contain dairy products. Did you know Walkers Sensations Thai Sweet Chilli crisps contain Buttermilk?

Plan ahead where possible
Planning your meals ahead of time is a must. In my first week of the 30 day dairy free challenge my friends and I had a movie night with pizza. I knew I wouldn’t be able to eat the pizza they orders so I decided to make my own cauliflower pizza and topped it with my favourite vegetables and some chicken. The cauliflower pizza  tasted good, but the base lacked the crunchiness a regular pizza has, and of course  my pizza wasn’t topped with cheese.

Be patient
The first few weeks might be a bit tough, but stick with it as things get easier with time.

Overall I surprisingly enjoyed my 30 day dairy free challenge, so much so that I’m planning to carry this on. Following a dairy free diet is quite easy when you cook your own meals, however, eating out is a completely different playing field!

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