And This One Time #1

And this one time 1So you may know that I’m spending this summer in the USA, (if you don’t know… firstly where have you been? Secondly, you can watch my latest video to catch-up). So I thought it would be cool to share parts of my experience while I’m here with you, kind of like taking you along for the ride. Get ready to read about the good, the not so good, the unforgettable moments and everything in-between.  Unlike when I’m back home, where I have a posting schedule with set days where I blog, these posts may be a little more spontaneous or random.   So let’s get started shall we?! I thought I’d share a few of my highlights from week 1.

 1. MAN – LHR – EWR: I flew out last Friday (13th June) and somehow managed to bump into a friend from school in terminal three at Manchester airport. Oh and did you know London Heathrow have their own mini tube/train which takes you to your terminal?! I didn’t but I thought it was so cool. My flight from London was just over 7 hours, but I was sat next to this really friendly girl which made the flight a little better.

2.Churchflow: After church with my two favourite girls. I’m sure you will be seeing more of these lovely ladies.

3. My first American Starbucks: I found this cool website called Starbucks Secret Menu, where they have  some cool “secret recipes” I ordered a Citrus Berry Passion Refresher which was pretty tasty.

4. Ice cream at Gabriel’s Fountain: Nothing beats freshly made ice cream :)

5. Gift: A little gift and card from my Co-counsellor, which I thought was really cute.

6. Pool Party: Pool parties are pretty rare in the U.K so I definitely made the most of the sun.

7. Six Flags: Theme parks in England can’t compare to the size of this place, I even managed to go on what was (until Thursday) the tallest ride in the world.

So far I’m loving my time here in America, if you want to stay up to speed with what I’m up to why not follow me on instagram 



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