5 Workouts to Get You Summer Ready

5 Workouts to Get You Summer ReadyRemember when I mentioned that “summer bodies are built in winter“? Well it’s not too late to start getting into shape, and with Spring officially under-way, there’s no time like the present! Personally I’m not a big fan of going to the gym, I’d much rather workout in the comfort of my own home! Below I’ve shared my five favourite home workout videos so you can get your body summer ready.

A targeted total body toning Pop Pilates workout, get ready to workout your abs, thighs, butt and arms.

A fun and energetic Zumba workout, with some great music.

A high intensity cardio workout, be prepared to break a sweat!

Another high intensity workout, although this is a little nicer as there are more frequent breaks between sets.

A less intense but still very effective toning pilates and cardio routine.

Want to give one of these workouts a go, why not watch them in the playlist I’ve created? How are you preparing your summer body?

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