5 Reasons to Work at a Summer Camp Next Summer

5 Reasons to Work at a Summer Camp Next Summer

If you’ve ever thought about working at a summer camp this is the blog post for you! After working at camp this summer I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Below I’ve explained my top 5 reasons why saying yes to working at a summer camp next summer could be your best “yes” yet.

Change children’s lives
During the camp season you often spend more time with the campers than they do with their parents, this means camp provides a perfect opportunity for you to positively impact the lives of the children you work with. This could be by teaching them a particular skill (in my case photography and videography), helping them to build their confidence or other essential life skills.

Make amazing friends
When you work and live with the same people 3 months straight, it’s fair to say you get to know them pretty well! You get to see the good, the bad and the not so pretty but through these sometimes tough times, great friendships (and even relationships) are formed.

Experience a new culture and travel
Although America is also an English speaking country, they seem to have a completely different culture from Britain. These differences range from obvious things such as the much wider roads, bigger cars and different currency to just strange things like the toilet flushing in a different direction and the way words are used differently…there really is a lot to learn and there’s nothing like a spot of travelling to broaden and educate your mind!

Build your character and improve your employability
One of the important skills I’ve learnt at camp was the ability to think on my feet and quickly adapt to change. I also learnt to be more patient, whilst improving my ability to work within a team. These are key skills which can be transferred into almost any workplace and they are great additions to your CV.

Make lifelong memories
At camp you make some amazing memories. From cool camp traditions to the priceless once in a lifetime moments, you can be sure that you won’t leave camp the same.

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