5 Must-Watch Beauty YouTubers

5-must-watch-beauty-youtubers-2 Whether I’m catching up on my favourite TV shows or browsing my YouTube subscription box, it’s safe to say I pretty much watch everything online these days! As you many know I have my own YouTube channel, but I also love watching other YouTubers. Today I’m sharing  5 must-watch beauty YouTubers, if you’ve not subscribed to these amazing channels you are missing out on some awesome beauty tips and tricks!

From beauty hauls to tutorials Lily Pebbles has pretty much got you covered. I like her willingness to try new things, her editorial-style get ready with me videos and her disappointing products videos.

ViviannaDoesMakeup is another diverse channel made up of a mixture of beauty, fashion and lifestyle videos. Anna is pretty funny to watch, she makes great routine videos, new in videos and often collaborates with Lily so expect double the awesomeness!

Wayne Goss is a makeup artist, he shares amazing MUA tips which are simple to follow yet highly effective. One of my favourite things about Wayne is that he’s down to earth and his review videos are straight to the point (if he hates a products he will tell you straight).

Lisa Eldridge is another makeup artist, she’s also the makeup creative director for Lancôme. Lisa shares effortlessly makeup tutorial videos, I also like her advice videos especially her long haul in flight skincare routine video.

Last but not least is Chanel Boateng yet another makeup artist who I love to watch. Chanel makes bold and beauty makeup tutorials and is a must-watch especially if you’re of a darker complexion.

Who are your must-watch beauty YouTubers?

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